•  Sexily Smooth

  • Our permanent laser hair removal treatments give you extra-smooth, extra sexy skin

  • We offer the latest laser technology to permanently remove hair from virtually any part of your body. After a small series of sessions, your legs, arms, bikini line or face will be hair free forever. Say goodbye to waxing, shaving and tweezing!

    Laser hair removal
  •  Be Detoxified

  • Our colon hydrotherapy treatments improve metabolism and decrease bloating

  • Colonics, also known as colonic irrigation and colon hydrotherapy, detoxify the body, improve digestion and increase your energy and metabolism, as well as improving symptoms from numerous other health problems.

    Colonic irrigation
  • Be Revitalised

  • Our range of specialist massage treatments de-stress the mind and revitalise your skin

  • We offer wonderfully relaxing hot Lava Shell massages, full body massages and head and neck massages that improve blood circulation, ease muscles aches and tension, improve flexibility, speed up digestion and improve sleep.

    Massage treatments